Series 12k 33″ Pre-Test

Series 12k 33″ Pre-Test:

In just a few hours from right now the PAP team will test a 33″ Series 12k subwoofer. Over the next week we’ll add some videos, images and data for you to see how it went. We like to push the limits and today is no different. If you are familiar with us you already know:

We Let our Subwoofers Speak for Themselves

Series 12k 33"

Today we’ll hear what the Series 12k 33″ has to say…

In the meantime we’ve put together some related information and links about testing:

Understanding Loudspeaker Data

“The ability to choose the most appropriate loudspeaker for a particular enclosure is directly related to your understanding of the performance data that manufacturers provide with their products. Prior to 1970, there were no easy or affordable methods accepted as standard in the industry for obtaining this data. The recognized methods were expensive and often unrealistic for the thousands of individuals needing loudspeaker performance information.”

Learn More: Eminence: The Art and Science of Sound

Testing a Subwoofer without a Box?

“Is it ok to test a subwoofer when it is not in a box/enclosure? I’m making a custom fiberglass box for it and I want to make sure the sub is working properly before I screw it in there (plus, I’m dying to hear this thing). Thanks.”

See The Answers at Yahoo Answers

Closed Sealed Subwoofer Box Equations Formulas Design Calculator

Speaker Resonance Formula

You like math right? The numbers never lie. Or perhaps they do? But we’ll save that for another discussion. 😉 For those less inspired by math – Pierce Audio has your back, but there are also some tools like Design Caluclators out there that can help you level-up.

Try out another Design Calculator here.

If you have any input, questions or requests, let us know. We’re usually on Facebook during business and also you can join our Slack team to chat anytime.

BassHeads Unite! Surf City Shout Out

PAP was stoked to be at Surf City Soundoff 2017! We were even more stoked to see all the BassHeads out to represent the sport! The event included many vendors, manufacturers and reps including Pierce Audio Products. PAP would like to take a moment to personally thank you all. Fantastic demos and the builds and all around. We were fully impressed!

We appreciate all the BassHeads including:

John Nolte, Sound Digital and Full Throttle Battery

Justin Henke and DC Audio

Sundown Audio

Anyone else we may have missed in this post: Thank you all! Please let us know if you have any pictures, videos or links and we’ll post those too.

We’d also like to thank Chinook Winds Casino Resort. Last but not least: A special thanks goes out to Travis Chin and Scott Macrae for hosting the event.

Here’s to 2018 !!!

Pierce Audio at Surf City Soundoff 2017

Series 12k 33"
Pierce Audio Products was stoked to see everyone out at Surf City Soundoff on the first day of the event.

JBL A6000A few pictures from the Pierce Audio booth from yesterday and today. We’re just getting setup again now for day 2 and have a ton of our products on display. The PAP team is here to answer your questions and provide any information all day today.

Come check out the booth today and our Series 12k 33″ Series 12k on display with a JBL A6000 GTI amp

Speaker Box Light: Thiele-Small Calculator

Speaker Box LightWe came across a Thiele-Small app the other night called Speaker Box Light and we were fairly pleased with the results.

From the description:

This service is designed for beginners and advanced fans of acoustic system building. The main feature is a calculation of the volume of the subwoofer box, according to his parameters Thiele-Small(FS, VAS, QTS). Calculation available vented and closed enclosures for each of them you can draw graphs of frequency response, phase response and time delays.

Also, the program provides recommendations for choosing of box type, an optimum volume of the box and the tuning frequency of vented box for your speaker. For vented case it is possible to calculate the parameters of the port: radius(if the cross section of the port circumference), width and height(if the cross-section rectangle) and its length.

We didn’t find any Pierce Audio Products speakers in the database yet but we may add some soon. Let us know if you are interested or want to collaborate on it. Contact Us here, Facebook or join our Slack team to discuss more.

FYI: We tested the Android version. Here is the link to the Iphone version.

WMD Subwoofer Circa 2003

WMD Subwoofer 2003

Pierce Audio Products has an extensive history of engineering and innovating speakers.

Our Woofer of Mass Destruction (WMD) is nearly 15 years old! Back then, we were relatively new to the industry but the quality and performance of our subwoofers were already exceeding expectations.

Our mission: Build the Best Speakers

Our technology has evolved exponentially since then and has been used by many others along the way. Including through white-label, OEM and “other” channels. All of our current subwoofers are hand-built in the USA on top of this experience.

WMD (2003) Excursion

Thank you for your support over the years we appreciate it!

PS: If you are interested, some of our history is documented through forums like Realm of Excursion.

Event: Surf City Soundoff 2017

Pierce Audio Products Surf City Soundoff

This weekend!!! Pierce Audio Products will be in Lincoln City, OR. for Surf City Soundoff 2017!

This year’s event takes place at Chinook Winds Casino Resort.

Surf City Soundoff 2017 Schedule:

Saturday, August 26, 2017 – Sound Quality only 11am

Sunday, August 27, 2017 – All SPL formats

Registration 8am – Judging at 9am

Join the Pierce Audio Slack Team anytime to chat with us before, during and after the event. If you have any comments or questions, our Slack team is great way to keep in touch. See you at the show!