Series 12k 33″ Pre-Test

Series 12k 33″ Pre-Test:

In just a few hours from right now the Pierce Audio Inc. team will test a 33″ Series 12k subwoofer. Over the next week we’ll add some videos, images and data for you to see how it went. We like to push the limits and today is no different. If you are familiar with us you already know:

We Let our Subwoofers Speak for Themselves

Series 12k 33"

Today we’ll hear what the Series 12k 33″ has to say…

In the meantime we’ve put together some related information and links about testing:

Understanding Loudspeaker Data

“The ability to choose the most appropriate loudspeaker for a particular enclosure is directly related to your understanding of the performance data that manufacturers provide with their products. Prior to 1970, there were no easy or affordable methods accepted as standard in the industry for obtaining this data. The recognized methods were expensive and often unrealistic for the thousands of individuals needing loudspeaker performance information.”

Learn More: Eminence: The Art and Science of Sound

Testing a Subwoofer without a Box?

“Is it ok to test a subwoofer when it is not in a box/enclosure? I’m making a custom fiberglass box for it and I want to make sure the sub is working properly before I screw it in there (plus, I’m dying to hear this thing). Thanks.”

See The Answers at Yahoo Answers


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