Team Gates Bronco: The Legacy Continues

Before we kick off the Team Gates Bronco rebuild, it’s important to remremember who started it all:

Alma Gates: 1935-2013

Alma Gates

Via Slamology:

“Alma Gates and Team Vision SPL burst onto the car audio scene in 1995 at the IASCA/db drag world finals. The team changed their name to Team Gates in 1997. Her bronco(s) dominated the competition crushing all previous world records, forever changing the way competitors think about creating high end pressure levels and rewriting how sanctioning bodies would measure it.

Alma was an ambassador to the car audio industry like none before her, and the example she has set would be hard to follow. After 11 years of building vehicles.., traveling the world and competing, she announced in 2006 she was going to retire after running her latest creation.”

Read the full tribute to Alma Gates here.

The Team Gates Bronco

After 2006 the Bronco changed hands a couple times and managed to hit a few shows before going into storage. Despite it’s hiatus from the competition circuit the hype for this vehicle never faded. It was frequenly featured in magazines, TV and online. In 2014 the Bronco made it’s last public appearance at Slamology:

Rebuilding the Beast…

Earlier this year Pierce Audio acquired the Team Gates Bronco and we have some big plans for this legendary vehicle! In fact, things are really ramping up. We’ve started building new custom subwoofers and speakers already. Next week look for our first “Build Blog”. This will include images, videos and more from the beast’s lair deep within the Olympic Mountains.

The ultimate goal of this project is to do everything we can to ensure Alma Gates legacy continues. She wouldn’t settle for anything but the best and we see it as our duty to the same. Fortunately we are not alone in this mission and are honored to have some great partners who share this vision:

Partners / Sponsors

Excessive Amperage
Excessive Amperage are building 15 custom 300 AMP Hairpin alternators. These things are bad ass! If you haven’t seen their alternators, do yourself a favor and check out there official site and Instagram. We put in a lot of time researching exactly what we wanted and feel they are perfect for this build.


NorthStar Battery
NorthStar Battery is adding 8 Group 31 AGM batteries. This build needs an extensive amount of power and after crunching the numbers, we confirmed NorthStar can absolutely deliver. The batteries are made in the USA and we are stoked to have them on board! Checkout NorthStar Battery on Facebook.

We are in talks with several other partners and sponsors and will announce them once confirmed. This is an exciting project and the momentum is building. Things will start getting a whole lot louder around here soon. Literally.

If you are interested in collaborating on this project in any way be sure to let us know. We see this endeavor as not only a legacy to Alma, but also as an investment in promoting the sport she loved so much. We welcome your constructive input, comments and suggestions along the way.

As we move forward we’ll be documenting everything and post images and details on the blog and social media each week. There may be a few surprises to announce too, so definitely stay tuned. In the meantime here are a few new images from last week as we prepare to Rebuild the Beast!

Team Gates Bronco Passenger Interior

Team Gates Bronco MSD Ignition

Team Gates Bronco Alternators

Team Gates Bronco Demo Deck

Team Gates Bronco Passenger Door