Recone Service

We recone almost any subwoofer or woofer for car audio, home theater, or pro-sound. If you need a recone or repair, fill out the form here. We offer free quotes. *Note we do not recone square subwoofers.

Magnet Design

We can do any magnet type from 10 lbs. 2″  coil
motors up to 160+ lbs. 6″ coil monsters. MOQ is 50 pcs for custom magnet  designs. Y20, Y25, Y30, Y35 and Y38 ferrite available. Standard finishes available are zinc plate, Chrome, or black CD coat. We also offer magnetizing service for custom projects.

OEM Service

We offer OEM service for car audio, home  theater, and pro-sound markets and can build about anything you can think of in a 50 qty or more. Contact us for your OEM needs and see what PAP can do for you! We offer free custom magnet design for OEM customers.

Give us the details of what you are looking for and we can make it a reality. All open tooling  baskets are available! We use only made in the USA voice coils and Epoxy for all glue joints. No CA glues here!