WMD Subwoofer Circa 2003

WMD Subwoofer 2003

Pierce Audio Products has an extensive history of engineering and innovating speakers.

Our Woofer of Mass Destruction (WMD) is nearly 15 years old! Back then, we were relatively new to the industry but the quality and performance of our subwoofers were already exceeding expectations.

Our mission: Build the Best Speakers

Our technology has evolved exponentially since then and has been used by many others along the way. Including through white-label, OEM and “other” channels. All of our current subwoofers are hand-built in the USA on top of this experience.

WMD (2003) Excursion

Thank you for your support over the years we appreciate it!

PS: If you are interested, some of our history is documented through forums like Realm of Excursion.